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Real connection is just as essential to our wellbeing as a healthy diet and exercise, if not more.

Don’t believe me?  Check out this article, showing that loneliness poses health risks as deadly as smoking.

Need more real-life evidence?  Listen to today’s episode, where James Reid (J.R.) opens up about his struggles.  On the outside, he had it all figured out – money, a dream job working with professional athletes, and a growing family.  But on the inside, he was singing a very different song, and the thing he needed to snap out of it wasn’t what you might expect.

J.R. is an International Peak Performance Strategist, Podcast Host, and Author who, since 2005, has helped pro athletes, public figures, and leaders excel in their pressure-packed careers while confidently upgrading their health and relationships. His clients include elite professional athletes, Fortune 500 executives, and Award-Winning Entrepreneurs.

After a life-altering car accident gave him a major wake-up call, J.R. devoted himself to mastering human performance and showing up bigger for his wife and three kids. As a result, he’s been featured by Focus on the Family and New York Times Best-Selling Author, Michael Hyatt. J.R. also co-authored the book W.O.W. Factor: How Defining Words Can Define Your Life.

Today’s episode covers some specific lessons that can be applied to many areas of life, including:

  • How to employ constraints to make purposeful progress toward your goals (27:40)
  • How to use struggles and adversity to benefit you in the grand scheme of life (31:10)
  • The one thing he needed (that we all tend to avoid the most) that would have pulled him out of the downward spiral earlier (44:35)
  • How we can better show up for our friends and loved ones (1:01:30)

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