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Today we are going to dismantle a myth – the myth that leadership is reserved for those with perceived backgrounds and clear past stories that fit neatly into little success templates. 

If you’re somebody that’s ever felt alienated by the traditional leadership discourse, this episode is for you because of our guest and the unique background and insight she brings. 

Our guest, Dr. Jesse Piper, is a living counterexample to the conventional leadership narrative. She was raised by her grandmother after a turbulent early childhood marked by her parents’ struggle with substance abuse. And her story isn’t about linear progression, but really a journey through complexity, adversity and resilience. 

Jessie obtained her PhD in Family Science from Kansas State University. Her professional interests surround grandfamilies, early childhood development, family dynamics and relationships. She has been with her husband for just over a decade, built a new home, and has two small children. Jessie currently works for the Kansas Department of Health and Environment as the Bureau Director of Family Health where she provides leadership to improve and support children and family health across the lifespan. 

In today’s episode we cover everything from Jessie’s professional opinions leadership to how she’s dealt with the trauma in her life, including:

  • The importance of acceptance in the recovery process (12:40 and throughout)
  • How the way we define our identity affects our ability to deal with life transitions (16:10)
  • The line between being someone’s superior and their friend (31:55)
  • The B.S advice to someone struggling to establish their relationship with themselves (42:15)

How to connect with Dr. Jessie Piper:


LinkedIn: Jessie Gardiner – Piper

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