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In any team or organization, formal and structured meetings are necessary – no doubt.  There has to be a documented system of communication for everyone to turn to if there are ever any questions about how, when, and what to communicate.

However, being sucked into this type of rigid structure can have its own consequences, which can be detrimental to a team’s environment, productivity, creativity, and overall success.

So how do we balance this?

Today’s episode dives into this topic from both the perspective of a visionary CEO and the eyes of a day to day task and team manager.  More specifically, I cover:

  • The skills we develop in the process of discussion (throughout)
  • How to deconstruct a problem in a conversation (9:00)
  • How collaborative learning promotes positive culture (13:00)
  • How to respond when the conversation leaves you (or someone else) disheartened or disappointed (18:10) 

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  • mike lembke

    Just like any living organism, continual self improvement needs food to grow. Brett’s ideas and presentation are the fuel for that improvement. This isn’t only about the Art of Coaching but the Art of Communication.

    • Brett Bartholomew

      Thank you for highlighting the importance of continual self-improvement and the role Brett’s ideas and presentation play in fueling that growth. We appreciate you Mike!

      The Art of Coaching Team

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