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In a way, communication is like baseball.

If you merely look at the sport, it seems fairly simple and easy – throwing, catching, and hitting a ball.  But knowing how to play the sport and actually doing it are two very different things.

It’s the same with effective communication. Many leaders know what needs to be done, yet fail when it comes to the execution part.  In today’s episode, Dr. Lyon speaks on 6 key behaviors for leaders to develop, which are also at the heart of his soon to be released book Positive Communication for Leaders.  By themselves, they aren’t anything extraordinary.  But cumulatively, they lead to extraordinary results.

Alex Lyon (Ph.D.) is professor of communication at the State University of New York, Brockport, and a professional speaker and consultant. He has published original research in several peer-reviewed journals including Communication Monographs and Management Communication Quarterly, and has worked directly with highly respected organizations such as Nike, Google, and Visa.

He hosts the 480,000+ subscriber YouTube channel, Communication Coach Alex Lyon that has accumulated over 25 million views, and is the founder of Communication Coach Academy, an online program to help emerging leaders hone their communication skills.

In addition to those 6 key behaviors, we also talk about how to manage people that don’t want to change and how to create connections even when there’s conflict.  More specifically, we dive into:

  • His leadership roadblock & how he overcame it (17:50)
  • 6 key behaviors to create more positive relationships as a leader (43:40)
  • How to be clear & direct in your leadership communication (1:05:50)
  • Where to start if you want to become a better communicator (1:15:10)

Learn more from Dr. Lyon:


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