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Here it is! Our first episode from our brand new 1-acre home in beautiful, sunny (but not humid) Phoenix, AZ!

You would think with this being my 15th move that I would have this process down to an art.  But we all know life has a way of throwing curve balls, making this experience anything but a breeze!

Whether it was issues with our moving company, the 2 live events we were hosting at the same time, or pulling rabbits out of hats to get our son to eat his chicken nuggets, the last few weeks have been a challenge.  But with the support of our team, our friends, and our community, we are now in a place to move forward with the long-term vision of Art of Coaching. And, man, DOES THAT FEEL GOOD.

In today’s episode, we wanted to share our experience with you – everything from the birth of AoC to our long-term vision, and all the details in between.  Some of the specifics we cover are: 

  • How we analyzed our context and the factors that contributed to our decision (throughout)
  • The evolution of Art of Coaching – how we started, who we are, and what we stand for (6:15)
  • The valuable lessons we’ve learned throughout our experience (26:30)
  • Our advice for you on advancing toward your goals and making big decisions (28:30)


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