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“I don’t have time to relax! There’s just too much to do.”

These days, busyness seems to be a status symbol; A measuring stick for productivity and progress. But as with many things, more isn’t always better. 

Whether the urge to always be productive or busy is a result of your physiology, the way you were raised, or a part of the culture you find yourself in daily, today’s episode will debunk the busyness epidemic and help you find a more efficient path to producing your best work. 

We also cover:

  • The 3 reasons we seek constant productivity & struggle to relax (4:30)
  • The surprising benefits of idleness and boredom (27:05)
  • Strategies to produce your best work (44:05)
  • Specific strategies to help you spend your time on things that matter (47:35)

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