E257: ChatGPT and AI: What is Hype vs What is Helpful for Coaches & Leaders?

In today’s episode we talk all about artificial intelligence and more specifically, Chat GPT (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer).

But before you judge the topic and skip to the next episode, let me set you straight – this isn’t a review of some futuristic, out of reach, or unrecognizable technology.

Chat GPT is (currently) a completely free website that answers questions in a human-like way.  To answer the questions it receives, it scans the available information, picks out the most common and relative threads, and gives the outlined information in a conversational manner. However, just like anything else, it has its limitations.

In this episode, we discuss pros, cons and several practical use cases, including: 

  • What exactly Chat GPT is and what it does (00:00)
  • Specific examples of it’s wide range of uses (9:10)
  • How we can leverage this as a tool for efficient creativity (28:10) and to check our blindspots (41:00)
  • What we should NOT be expecting tech to do for us (48:30)

The most important thing to remember is no matter how intelligent these technologies are, they will never completely replace the human elements of critical thought process, collaboration, and connection.

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