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“You need to be able to communicate your ideas to other people, because whoever is the most effective [at] doing that wins the game.(47:00)

When it comes to setting yourself apart in any field- whether that be art or finance, education or entrepreneurship- the skills of thinking critically, communicating effectively and learning continuously rise to the top.

And yet, these skills are seldom taught in traditional education or schooling. 

Chris Do is trying to change that.

Chris Do is a self described “loud introvert”, recovering graphic designer, middle child, serial entrepreneur, Emmy award-winning director, educator and founder of The Futur.  He has served as a chairman and advisor to several high level organizations, and has taught Sequential Design for over 15 years.

In today’s episode, Chris shares some valuable insights from his experiences, including:

  • Specific tips for creating great content on a budget (19:00)
  • Why you can’t afford to NOT take risks (32:00)
  • How to overcome a career change (37:15)
  • The 3 critical skills necessary to be successful in the 21st century (45:00)

How to connect with Chris:

All Social Media: @theChrisDo


YouTube (800+ videos)

Futur Podcast (Top 10 ranked for Marketing)

How Art of Coaching can help you:

If you are in a situation where you feel extraordinarily frustrated at work, maybe there’s power dynamics or agendas getting in the way of the stuff you’re trying to accomplish.

Or maybe you’ve just lost your spark because it seems like the organization doesn’t want to change or is sterile. 

Or maybe you’re just looking for more feedback as a leader and you feel like you’re not growing as much as you would like to.

If any of this sounds familiar, then make sure to check out our Live Events for 2023. We offer a wide variety of workshops that are all dedicated to helping people with these real-life situations. 

Real Life happens in the gray area, there’s no getting around that. And real leadership often requires a tremendous amount of improvisation or being able to think on the spot. This is exactly why tactical improv is a huge part of our clinics at art of coaching.

If you want to learn, you have to get hands on, you have to be able to explore the full range of your decision-making, your communication skills, your behaviors under pressure, and your ability to think laterally.

So don’t wait – find the right workshop for your needs HERE. 

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