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Save YourSelf Time, Energy, & Money.

I think it’s fair to say that this is something we all want.

In the words of Karl Goodman, great systems “proceed redundancies.”  They get the processes or ideas out of your head and make them something that can be replicated by others.  

They allow you to delegate.

This is just one of the handful of “how-to’s” we hit on in today’s episode with Lachlan Wilmot and Karl Goodman.  We also discuss:

  • How to identify what skills you possess that translate to other professions (23:00)
  • How to recognize and define the levels of opportunity available to you (40:20)
  • How to decide which tasks you can and should delegate (54:30)
  • How to find the right people for your organization (1:05:30)

Lachlan and Karl are the co-owners of Athletes Authority, a set of performance gyms located in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. Lachlan is a highly respected and nationally recognized high-performance Coach, having spent 10 years in Head of Strength & Conditioning roles. He has also worked with professional athletes, as well as elite junior programs.  Karl spent his early years coming through elite sporting pathways himself, transitioning from a baseball career to building a nationally recognized high-performance brand in Athletes Authority Group. Karl brings business, branding, marketing, and strategic expertise to the team.

You can find out more about Athletes Authority via their website, or by following them on Instagram @athletesauthority.

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