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At 14 years old, Kat Salazar walked into her very first classroom at a local community college. She was about to start college when most her age were just beginning high school. 

For some this might have been an awkward or overwhelming experience, but having been homeschooled for her entire life, Kat was completely UNDER-WHELMED instead. She thought, “How is this learning? You haven’t asked me to think or do anything but simply regurgitate information.” 

Unfortunately, this traditional and common structure, one that was created to spit out factory workers, is the one we have all come to know as formal education.

Kat has since spent the last 10 years focusing on identifying the skills that optimize the way people learn and perform, especially on teams. Her unique life experiences have allowed her to see much of the world from a different vantage point and identify a massive problem in the traditional approach to education. This tapped into her passion and inspired her to start weThink, an intelligence software platform built to help people and organizations thrive in team based environments.

In today’s episode, Kat asks some bold questions and helps us understand several key points:

  • How to measure skills like communication, problem solving and critical thinking (32:30)
  • Why we need to change the way we think about education (39:10)
  • Ways we can and should practice the skill of learning (45:30)
  • Why context is the key to more successful interactions (48:50)

If you’d like to find out more about Kat and weThink, you can visit or find her on LinkedIn: Katrina Salazar.

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