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In many circles, the National Football League (NFL) has become (just as) well known for its alternate meaning, “Not For Long”. 

But every once in a while, a player comes along who’s able to defy those odds. 

In today’s episode, Richie Incognito, taken by the St. Louis Rams in the third round of the 2005 draft, four time pro-bowler, and 15 year veteran, reveals in his VERY FIRST post-retirement podcast interview what it takes to manage the brutality of a 15+ year stint in the trenches.

As he reflects on the lessons learned, and looks ahead to a future of living life on his own terms, Richie credits much of his success to a few things: 

  • The mindset to constantly find ways to increase the standard year to year (9:30)
  • Creating buy-in and leadership in the locker room (16:30)
  • Using money as a motivator and managing it the right way (26:35)
  • Being cognizant of the brand you’re creating and putting out there (29:40)

If you want to learn more from Richie and his experience, you can connect with him via Twitter – @68INCOGNITO.

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