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“Unless you live in North Korea, everything you do as a coach is persuasion.”

Did that grab your attention?!  In today’s episode, Keir Wenham-Flatt explains his use of humor and overall philosophy when it comes to making his message stand out in a sea of information.  He says, “you must grab attention first to earn the right to convey your message to people.” 

Keir is a strength coach with over a decade’s experience of working with elite athletes on 4 different continents.  He is best known for his work in rugby and college football. In addition to coaching he is the founder of Strength Coach Network, an educational platform for team sport strength and conditioning specialists.

Throughout the episode, Keir speaks on:

  • How the VALUE of S&C professionals is negatively affected by the nature of the field
  • How to “earn the right” to convey your message to the right audience
  • Using seemingly outside avenues to further yourself as a professional AND as a person
  • Why the current system of education and accreditation in S&C is broken

You can find Keir on the following platforms:

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  • Josh McMillian

    Enjoyed listening to this. Keir puts a lot of great info out on strength coach network.

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