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Picture this: you’re talking to someone you just met at a social gathering, negotiating with a potential client or presenting to a group of skeptical attendees. Try as you might to connect with or get them to share or interact, they give you absolutely nothing in return… 

It’s the equivalent of talking to a brick wall.  

While frustrating, getting someone who is shy, quiet or less social to open up is one of the most useful and important skills you can build as a communicator, and it all comes down to properly deploying a few specific but underutilized tools. 

On today’s episode we cover: 

  • The one skill that will allow you to connect with anyone
  • When and why you should stop asking so many questions
  • The 5 key tools / tactics to try when talking to a shy person 
  • How to MASTER the awkward pause 

A couple announcements:

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