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The word “toughness” might be one of the most overused and misdefined in coaching and leadership; something we routinely seek and preach, but rarely understand. 

Toughness isn’t about grinding through pain and it isn’t built doing “hard” things we routinely encounter; True toughness is better described as making smart decisions in challenging situations and problem solving through obstacles not regularly faced. 

To better understand this definition and how to cultivate resilience, we welcome Steve Magness, a world-renowned expert on performance, well-being, and sustainable success. He is coauthor of the best-selling books Peak Performance and The Passion Paradox. His most recent work is Do Hard Things: Why We Get Resilience Wrong and the Surprising Science of Real Toughness. In his coaching practice, Steve works with executives, entrepreneurs, and athletes on their performance and mental skills. He’s served as a consultant and coach for numerous professional sports teams.

We cover: 

  • Why pain, soreness and grit can be counterproductive to toughness 
  • The true meaning of “resilience” and how to cultivate a bigger toolbox
  • How to reframe failure as feedback
  • Toughness in parenting: how to make more resilient kids

Connect with Steve:

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