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As we mature into adults, we become a smorgasbord of the good, bad and ugly experiences we endure growing up; Each has a hand in shaping who we become as leaders, coaches, parents, teachers, mentors, and friends. 

But regardless of where we begin, the decision to either re-write these narratives or succumb to their self-fulfilling prophecy is the most important one we can make in our development.

How will who I grew up as, define who I am going forward? 

In today’s episode we hear from Coach Joel Sanders, a strength & conditioning coach at EXOS about how his upbringing shaped who he decided to be as a coach, parent and mentor. 

In addition to being a parent of 5, Joel has mentored hundreds of strength and conditioning interns over the last 15 years and has had his work featured in Men’s Health Mag, Women’s Health Magazine, Men’s Fitness, & Men’s Journal. 

We cover:

  • The importance of choosing the right life partner 
  • 5 key principles for mentoring or developing interns
  • Parenting in the modern world (lessons from 5 kids)
  • Re-writing a family history and leveraging your story & struggle 

Connect with Joel: 

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