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Welcome to 2022- positivity is trendy, motivational quotes plaster coffee shop walls and the “self-help” and “leadership” sections of bookstores have become one. 

This may be the norm, but it’s not productive for society. 

In our messy world, reducing complex human behavior and leadership to clichés and black & white thinking can be both dangerous and ineffective. 

True leadership requires authenticity- acting in accordance with one’s true self. A leader who is worried about being liked will not make decisions in the best interest of those they lead and/or risk burnout. 

On today’s episode we discuss:

  1. Why you shouldn’t worry about being liked
  2. The  evolutionary & psychological origins of “likeability”
  3. What we can do to work through the likeability obstacle
  4. How wanting to to be liked leads to burnout & other disastrous outcomes

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