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It’s not everyday we get to welcome a world champion to our show- let alone one willing to dive into the weeds on everything from building a brand to standing up for yourself when no one else will. 

Julianna Peña is the reigning UFC Bantamweight Champion and ESPN’s 2021 Female Fighter of The Year (among MANY other awards). Her victory over Amanda Nunes has been called one of the greatest upsets in all of sport and today she joins us from Las Vegas where she’s (at the time of the recording) filming The Ultimate Fighter (TV show) and training to defend her title. 

On today’s episode we cover:

  • Cutting through the B.S and building a trustworthy team around you 
  • How to craft an authentic brand & lasting legacy in today’s world
  • The difference between liking & respecting opponents and coaches
  • Why / how to stand up for yourself even when no one’s with you

As Julianna mentioned in this episode, building your brand isn’t just about getting your name and face in front of more people- it’s about building relationships with those who follow you and creating a legacy and reputation that will stand strong even when you’re gone. 

That’s precisely what we want to help you do at our Brand Builder workshop. This is the final call and we only have a few spots left!

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Connect with Julianna:

Via instagram: @venezuelanvixen

Via Twitter: @venezuelanvixen 

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