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None of us have an abundance of both time AND money. So why do some people invest in themselves while others fall back on the same excuses over and over again? 

It’s simple- for those that don’t invest, either they don’t believe in a particular brand, the product or their own ability to put it to use.

For those that do, it comes down to understanding and appreciating the long game. Those who invest up front get the greatest returns. 

Don’t believe me? Keep buying cheap appliances and furniture your whole life. 

In this short episode, I’ll cover:

  • The reasons you should invest your own money and not rely on your school or employer to reimburse you
  • How to reframe thinking about investing in yourself 
  • Ways to ensure your investments pay massive dividends for your future

If you are ready to invest in yourself and / or diversify your investments, we have many options that will double, even triple what you put in financially. 

One of the newest in person workshops we offer is our speaker school. No matter your experience- come grow your confidence, gain guidance and get clarity. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about finding YOUR voice. 

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