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More often than not, our brilliant ideas are stymied because we lack the skills to properly think through them and take the first step; We get stuck.

  • How do I put this into words and get it out of my head?
  • How do I communicate this in a way that will allow others to share my vision?
  • How should this look or feel or function?
  • Will this even work? And what happens if it does?

On today’s episode, we’re joined by a team of innovators who help people realize and capture their creativity in a way that allows them to share it with the world. 

With an education and background in Design Thinking, Andrew Leslie worked for 8 years in innovation strategy for numerous fortune 500 companies- traveling the world helping brands forecast, create and innovate. Anton Fero, his business partner, was both in the performing arts and built a faith based community as a pastor before turning a garage gym into a multi-million dollar facility. 

During the pandemic they joined forces to rethink the functionality of the gym and began their own business and coaching consulting business, Comn

On today’s episode we cover: 

  • How to apply design thinking to any business or idea
  • The two biggest mistakes we make when creating something new & how to avoid them
  • Why it’s essential to have skin in the game & the ROI of hiring your own coach
  • The essential tools for building a business that lasts

Get in touch with Andrew & Anton:

Via Instagram: @comncollective

Via their website:

Via their gym:

You probably heard on today’s episode that we are launching a 30-DAY CHALLENGE. This is a brand new program designed to teach and help you apply the most important communication and interpersonal skills to your everyday life. Through a dedicated online community, PDF printouts, community and individual challenges and direct access to our team, learn more about the April challenge HERE.

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