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We like to say meanings are in people, not in words. 

That statement never seemed more true than in reference to today’s guest, Lacey Jai Henderson. After losing her leg to Synovial Sarcoma at 9, Lacey has worked to rewrite the script for people living with disability everywhere. 

Following a Division I athletic scholarship for cheerleading, Lacey started competing in Paralympic Track and Field. Through a long journey of therapy, finding resilience and a lot of time on the track, she became an American Record Holder and a Rio Paralympian. In addition to working as a disability advocate, Lacey is getting her Master’s in Sport and Performance Psychology and pursuing her CMPC certification while still training full time for Paralympic track and field.

We cover: 

  • Maneuvering life changing and/or impossibly hard conversations 
  • How to use/approach ever-changing terminology with adaptive/disabled individuals
  • Discovering underlying drives and communicating your preferred coaching style
  • Why a dark sense of humor can become an important survival technique 

Connect with Lacey:

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