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We can all agree that listening is a foundational skill. And it makes sense- research shows we spend half our waking hours listening (Hargie, 2017; Kelley, 2019). But are you listening or are you just hearing? True listening requires encoding, reflection, and delivering on what you heard. It’s a skill, it requires practice and it’s required to ask better questions, to give rewards (people actually want), and to assert yourself. 

Put more eloquently: “Listening is the willingness to let another person change you” – Alan Alda

On today’s episode we cover:

  • The differences between hearing and listening 
  • The 5 types of listening and the 4 types of listener 
  • Verbal and non-verbal indicators to show you’re engaged
  • How to practice the skill of listening 

As you heard, practice requires application. Simply put, these skills mean nothing if you don’t practice and get evaluated on them. We have one Apprenticeship left this year. 

Join us in Asheville – November 13-14 

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