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We’ve all faced what seem like impossible decisions: Which job should I take? Is this the person I really want to spend my life with? Can I even afford to take vacation right now?

We’re also faced with hundreds of smaller decisions on a daily basis: What do I want for dinner? Should I watch tv or read a book? Should I take the car or ride my bike?

Given the frequency in which they pop up, it’s obvious decision making is one of our most heavily used and important skills. Yet more often than not we rely on emotional or gut reactions to make them and if we can’t come to a decision ourselves… our next option is usually to reach out to friends/family to validate our choices. 

Luckily, we have a tool that can help make the decision making process exponentially clearer…

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This opportunity matrix will equip you with a systematic way of characterizing variables important to the decision making process (safety, security, physical and emotional health, social and relational needs, aspirations and desires), allow you to compare several opportunities side by side and weigh tradeoffs as you make your decision.

Give it a try and let us know how it works for you! Also, use it in your hiring process (as an extension to the tools suggested in E182: Critical Tips for Improving Your Hiring Process) to see if your candidates are right for your position. 

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