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By now you’ve probably heard us sing the praises of improvisation and its benefits in communication, awareness and listening. If you haven’t, the premise is simple- we think of improv as the best way to practice accepting and appreciating change. 

But it goes much further than that. Improv has been used to teach individuals interpersonal skills in countless arenas- from helping immigrant children assimilate to social settings in the U.S. to comedy, it’s now used pervasively as a learning tool for business school students, C-suite executives, military, lawyers, doctors, coaches and beyond. 

Today, we’re speaking with one of the world’s authorities on improvising in daily life, Patricia Ryan Madson. She’s the author of IMPROV WISDOM: Don’t Prepare, Just Show Up and a professor Emerita from Stanford University where she’s taught since 1977. She is a frequent speaker for business and educational groups and her corporate clients have included: IDEO, Google, Gap Inc.’s Executive Leadership Team, The Lucille and David Packard Foundation, the Banff Centre for Leadership, Sun Microsystems Japan Division, Apple Computers, Adobe Systems, and Price Waterhouse. 

Today, we get to learn from her: 

  • The essential “rules” and guiding principles of good improvisors
  • What do to with someone who doesn’t want to improvise or is “too cool for school”
  • The ramifications of NOT accepting and practicing improv in our daily lives
  • Why it’s easy to understand but very hard to practice consistently

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