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Hiring is an essential part of any business and can be, as I’m sure you probably know, an extraordinarily frustrating one. 

It seems like no matter how many interviews you conduct, how well recommended a candidate comes or how decent they are as a person, many still don’t work out. We understand this well as we’ve sure made our share of errors in hiring, but data shows we aren’t alone. In fact, some research suggests that 81% of new hires fail…. But why? 

The answer is actually quite simple, it’s the fit. Either individuals are put in the wrong role, it’s the wrong company, they didn’t know what they wanted or they weren’t properly vetted in the first place… 

In addition to discussing our company process, today I’ll share a tool we’ve developed to assess fit; a tool that arose as a result of conservations I had with individuals we’ve mentored in communication and leadership training (see for more) and of course, our own trial and error.

Tools like these will feature prominently at our upcoming Brand Building Workshop. This two day workshop is NOT the same as our Apprenticeship. This will be an intimate, intensive gathering of professionals who want to learn and practice tools and strategies for clarifying and growing a brand, and to understand the nuances of building a business in a way that works for them. 

Head to for more information and to apply! 

Speaking of brands, I want to give a massive thank you to Chad Nelson and Yeti. We appreciate juggernauts like them rooting for underdogs like us trying to make a difference at the grassroot level. Be on the lookout for more collaboration between us and if you do come to one of our workshops or join the Coalition, don’t be surprised if you see their stuff well represented or in your hands… 

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