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It’s not everyday we get the chance to discuss the nitty gritty behind-the-scenes detail required to provide exceptional service (sans compromising quality) with someone who has built a powerhouse company from the ground up. 

Today, Matt Reynolds gives us a look under the hood at his online coaching model and his take on the “training” market that can be saturated with mediocrity. You’ll want to take some notes as we discuss topics ranging from the benefits of an apprenticeship model to pricing a premium product and not apologizing for it. You’re also in for a treat as we get a little fired up about why certifications alone aren’t cutting it…

Not only is Matt the founder of Barbell Logic which has grown to be one of the largest online coaching companies on the planet, he has a successful podcast, YouTube channel, and hundreds of articles on the value of strength training. He also knows a thing or two about managing people as he leads a team of 80 incredible high-performing, yet compassionate people.

With nearly 25 years of experience competing in strength sports and coaching barbell-based strength and conditioning. In his earlier life he competed at a high level in both powerlifting and strongman, and in 2008, he founded one of the strongest and largest strength gyms in the country, STRONG Gym, which Matt sold in 2015, to turn his attention to the broader audience of online coaching. 

Topics we cover: 

  • How to charge what you’re worth
  • What is professionalism in coaching?
  • The difference between a “trainer” and “coach”
  • Providing Pandemic-proof value and service
  • How to structure a premier offer for premier clients

Connect with Matt & Barbell-Logic:

Via Instagram: @barbell_logic or @reynoldsstrong

Via their website:

Via their podcast: The Barbell Logic Podcast 

Via their YouTube channel: Barbell Logic YouTube 

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