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We’re bringing you something a little different for today’s bonus episode. Recently I was a guest on my friend Scott Livingston’s podcast “Leave Your Mark” and our conversation was so good that I wanted to make sure you had a chance to listen to it here; a “multicast” if you will. 

Alongside Scott (a regular on our show, see episodes 58 & 128) and his good friend Dom Gauthier (a business leader, coach, broadcaster and former Olympic moguls skier), we discuss everything from how to better define and speak about communication (including a deep dive into the research behind it), strategies for tailoring communication to a team as opposed to an individual and how coaching differs in different cultural contexts… or does it?

As a reminder, Scott has been working in the field of athletic performance for twenty-five years. He is renowned for his dedication to building a more efficient, effective, and resilient athlete using his ability to assess movement dysfunction and deliver corrective exercise, while merging such strategies with effective and specific performance training. He has trained and reconditioned athletes at every level including professional athletes, Olympic athletes, and college athletes, as well as highly motivated recreational athletes.  

Connect with Scott: 

Via Instagram: @kingopain

Via Twitter: @builtbyscott

Via his website: Reconditioning HQ

Via his podcast: Leave Your Mark

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