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CLARITY 2.0: TUESDAY, JULY 27th at 3:00PM EST. 

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Imagine leaving your family and moving to a foreign country where you don’t speak the language or know the culture, tasked with making some of the world’s most elite athletes faster and stronger while winning multiple World Championships and Olympic medals along the way.

Now try convincing someone in that position that high level communication skills, building buy-in and learning how to adapt to changing contexts WON’T play a major role in their success. Better yet- convince Joseph Coyne of that…

Recognized as a leading expert in high performance sport, Joseph has over 15 years’ experience working with elite professional and Olympic athletes, and most recently was the Performance Director for the UFC Performance Institute Shanghai. Prior to joining the UFC in 2019, athletes personally supported by Joseph broke 6 world records and collected 15 gold medals at the Olympics and various world championships from. As a speaker, Joseph has lectured at a number of international sport science and strength and conditioning conferences. Joseph is a current PhD scholar at Edith Cowan University (Perth, Australia) on training load and performance and serves as a reviewer for a number of different academic journals.

On today’s episode we discuss:

  • Sources of internal and external load in communication and leadership
  • What finance can teach us about high performance
  • Strategies for building buy-in and trust from day one on a new job
  • How to change your message to speak more effectively to a diverse audience

Connect with Joseph:

Via Instagram: @josephcoyne

Via Twitter: @josephcoyne

His research:

His clinic:

You’ll hear Joseph talk about it and obviously we can’t stress it enough- guys it’s not enough to read and learn about communication and leadership- you have to practice it. You have to be evaluated and do it under stress. Better yet, join us at an Apprenticeship and do it in a place that’s safe to fail and with leaders from a multitude of domains.

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