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“Where there’s a journey, there’s sacrifice” – Nikita Emtsov 

It has always been our goal that listeners hear themselves in the guests we interview on this podcast because it’s only when you relate to a person that their story and message resonates and moves you to action. 

Nikita Emtsov is a perfect representation of the professionals in the Art of Coaching community and in this episode you’ll hear his raw depiction of the challenges (from self-acceptance and mental health struggles to finding a unique niche and vocation) we all go through in pursuit of our own hero’s journey. 

Nikita is a Russian-born, Toronto-based strength coach and certified personal trainer.  Having pursued a plethora of creative vocations over the last 15 years—some of which have included stage acting, filmmaking, songwriting, and graphic design—he has faced plenty of challenges finding his place in the world before developing a passion for weightlifting and- ultimately- coaching.

After finding a multitude of unexpected mental health and creativity-related benefits in his pursuit of strength, Nikita has made it his mission to help other creative storytellers get physically and mentally stronger and make training part of their own Hero’s Journey.

We discuss: 

  • Ways to balance perfectionism and creativity – are they truly at odds?
  • Why we should use storytelling to script our own “hero’s journey”
  • How to listen to and utilize our internal voice for good 
  • Methods for relinquishing control and embracing uncertainty

Connect with Nikita:

Via Instagram: @nickemstov 

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