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It’s time to rethink how we approach coaching female athletes. Understanding and appreciating nuances in their physiology and psychology is one thing, treating them as a “special population” is another. So which differences should we attend to and which just aren’t true? 

Today we’re joined by Christina Myers, a strength and conditioning & gymnastics coach who’s changing the game when it comes to the training of female athletes and redefining coaching styles traditionally expected of women.

Christina owns a private sector strength & conditioning company and serves as both head strength and conditioning coach and head coach of a high-level competitive gymnastics program in Birmingham, Alabama. She took a non-traditional route to the strength & conditioning profession and uses this experience to mentor undergraduates and young coaches in the field. Christina holds a masters degree in Strength & Conditioning (MS Applied Exercise Science, S&C Concentration) and regularly guest lectures for undergraduate and graduate programs catering to potential strength coaches.

We cover: 

  • Considerations for training female athletes
  • Strategies for working with highly intellectual & perfectionist individuals
  • How to identify and eradicate psychological abuse in sport
  • Why we should lean into non-traditional coaching styles

Connect with Christina:

Via her website:

Via her Instagram: @lift_heavy_princess

We discussed some heavy stuff on this episode. Remember, if you need someone to talk to or want to report any type of abuse – please go to

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