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We’ve heard the leadership cliches, read the business books and tried the various morning routines but something’s still not clicking…

We can try to work harder and hope our efforts don’t go unnoticed… or we can flip the script, become a unicorn and work with ninjas. 

No seriously, just ask Mark Fisher. 

Mark is an international speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur. He and his “non-sexual life partner” Michael Keeler founded Business for Unicorns in 2016 and have since worked with many of the leading fitness studios across the US, the UK, and Australia. Past non-fitness clients include Sony Music, Sylvan Learning, Novus Surgical, and Security Scorecard. He is also a proud alumni speaker of TEDxBroadway.

 In addition to consulting through BFU, Mark is the co-founder of Mark Fisher Fitness, one of the most unusual gyms in the fitness industry. MFF operates a physical location in midtown Manhattan and a fast-growing online “virtual” location. MFF was recognized as #312 on the 2015 Inc. 500 fastest growing companies in America, as well as one of Men’s Health’s “Top 20 Gyms in America.”

Obviously, Mark has made it his mission to approach both business and fitness in a unique way meaning this episode is anything but ordinary. Today we cover: 

  • Why you should welcome and foster healthy conflict in your organization
  • When and why you should give away power as a leader
  • Managing by metrics when the important things aren’t easily measured
  • How to effectively bring emotion into the workplace

Connect with Mark:

Via his various websites:

Mark Fisher Fitness: 

Business for Unicorns:

Personal Page:

Or Via Instagram: 

Mark Fisher Fitness @mffclubhouse

Mark Fisher (Personal) @markfisherhumanbeing 

Today’s episode is brought to you by: a hard truth. 

No matter how good you are at what you do, how hard you work or much you want to help others, none of it will make an impact if you don’t know how to reach your audience or communicate your message in a way that resonates with the people that need you and the work you provide the most. 

The cost of doing nothing is far greater than the cost of making a mistake or hearing someone grumble. We all have skills and value we can provide and though I know it doesn’t feel that way to those of you who are perfectionists- there are people out there who need what you do. 

That’s why we created our online course, Blindspot. It will help you build your brand and business the right way by turning what you know into what you do. It will help you identify your core strengths and how you can provide the most value to others, then systematize that in a way that allows you to get it to your audience so you can stand out without selling out. 

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