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The greatest athletes, inventors, artists and minds have something in common… 

Of course they all have incredible work ethics, support systems and above average talent and luck- but those qualities don’t differentiate the great from the very best. 

In truth- there is no template for world class performance. So what is it that separates them? 

According to our guest, Gabe Polsky- an award-winning Writer, Director, Producer and one of the top documentary filmmakers in the world of sports and beyond- the one attribute that separates the elite from the great is their creativity, improvisation and ability to turn disadvantage into strength.

How does he know? In 2018 Gabe wrote, directed, and produced In Search of Greatness— a cinematic journey into the secrets of genius, as told through the greatest athletes of all time. It was released theatrically to critical acclaim and was nominated for several awards, including a WGA Award. 

He also Executive Produced Genius, the 10 time Emmy® nominated TV show on National Geographic about Albert Einstein in 2017. Most recently, Gabe wrote, directed, and produced the feature documentary Red Penguins which premiered to acclaim at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival.

In this episode, we learn what it’s like to interview and direct the likes of Wayne Gretzky, Jerry Rice and Pelé and why he’d go so far as to compare their dedication to the craft as neurosis. 

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  • Fergus

    These types of conversations are so valuable. Thank you.

    • Brett

      Thanks so much Fergus! Glad to hear you found it helpful!

  • Vikas chauhan

    I loved it sir, I am from India and I am looking for things to improve my coaching, understanding athletes, performance based mindset.your work is impectful all the Time.

    I am lucky to have mentor like you. I can look up to you all the time.

    • Brett

      Thank you Vikas! What resources have you found most helpful? Would love to hear how you’ve been able to apply lately.

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