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Time is an invaluable commodity and yet we waste it beating around the bush with convoluted communication and messages wrapped in peripheral fluff and unnecessary noise.

Have you ever wondered how much time would we save if we acted like humans and said what we meant?  

In this solo episode, we’ll break down several case studies and discuss how to effectively read a situation, manage paraverbals (pacing, pitch, tone, inflection) and have direct, efficient conversations. We’ll also discuss strategies for preventing misinterpretation and being assertive without being aggressive.  

Also in this episode: 

  • Identify what’s keeping you from getting your message across clearly
  • Understand why humans are comfort and peace seeking survivors
  • Mokusatsu & Elon Musk: it’s not just about the words 
  • Take Home Tactics: 24 Hour Recall and Half-Life Your Message 

It’s one thing to talk about being human, it’s another to actually practice it. In addition to the tactics and strategies mentioned in this episode, join our All-Access Digital Community and interact face to face with other professionals dedicated to improving communication skills!

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