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Living in a moment when competition for our attention is at an all time high makes the medium through which we convey our message absolutely critical. From social media to marketing, the platform we wield (or don’t wield…) can communicate as much about our values as the words themselves. And while this debate is nothing new, today’s guest Kenny Kane has a unique perspective on this issue and many more. 

Kenny is the owner of Oak Park Los Angeles (Home of CrossFit Los Angeles – CFLA) where he and his team have created a paradigm through which gym members are able to transfer the adaptive capacity developed through physical fitness training to life itself.  Kenny also teaches “The Craftsmen’s Workshop,” an intensive coach development program and is the Founder/Host of The Body of Knowledge Podcast (as well as two others). If that wasn’t enough, Kenny was also a dual sport collegiate athlete and comedian before dabbling in martial arts and hip hop dance.

At Art of Coaching, we STRONGLY believe the medium matters. That’s why we created a space for leaders to learn and practice communication away from social media. No ads, no distractions, no fluff – just video based personal interactions with people who want to get better. Join us at and become a part of our new favorite learning space – The AoC All-Access Community. 

In this episode, we cover:

  • Why and how to match your medium with your message
  • Identifying and navigating extractive technology
  • Marketing vs. coaching – does all behavior change need to be ethical?
  • The Diamond Goldfish & how to lead under pressure 
  • Earning your voice – should there be a meritocracy in social media?

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