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Unless you keep the same job from the time you leave school until the time you retire, you’re bound to experience change. Like a personal relationship, moving up within or leaving one workplace culture to join another requires understanding, adaptation and most importantly communication. 

So how do you go from being just a tactician to manager/director who needs to understand both the minutia AND the bigger picture? 

Our guest today, Jenny Noiles, the Performance Director at Mayo Clinic Orthopedics and Sports Medicine (Rochester, MN), paints us a picture of this transition while discussing how to establish credibility without being a robot. Afterall, lacking warmth, our competence holds little weight. 

We cover:

  • Demonstrating credibility without being a robot
  • How to use anxiety in a productive manner 
  • Leaving a dream job for a relationship & “following your heart”
  • The importance of shared experiences and being relatable
  • Why leaders need to be both heroes and villains 

Connect with Jenny:

Via instagram: @jennynoiles

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