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Regardless of occupation or title, we all write. Whether it’s in short form on social media or long form as in email, proposals, blogs, articles, books, or academic journals- it’s something that unites all fields. 

That being said- what’s your perception of writing? Do you enjoy the craft or is it the bane of your existence? Were you raised to think of writing as a formal process reserved for academics and novelists or as an artistic endeavor? Whatever your history with the written word, our guest today will change your perspective of the practice. Not only do we discuss the neurological and biological underpinnings of language, we dive into how to develop your skill as an amatuer writer and why good writing doesn’t mean writing like Hemingway. 

Courtney Kelly is a writer and editor who partners with individuals and organizations to create brands, products, books, and other media that aim to effect real, prosocial change. Before starting her freelance business, Ethos Alchemy during the summer of 2020, she served as marketing director for Strength Ratio, a strength and conditioning and sport performance company, and as curriculum director for Strivven Media, an Asheville-based education technology company. She began her career as an English teacher, and writing education remains central to her work today.

We also cover: 

  • Theory of mind and why we think we’re better than we are
  • Using ethical manipulation and adaptation in communication – where do you draw the line?
  • How to become a more efficient writer when it’s not your full time job 
  • Why saying what you’re NOT can be more powerful than what you ARE
  • Why you should read more fiction and watch tv

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