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In light of recent events I wanted to release an extra, time sensitive episode. 

Last week at the NCAA basketball tournament a social media post showing the disparities between the men’s and women’s “weight rooms” went viral. One photo resulted in a litany of content that uncovered not only differences in the equipment and facilities, but of the testing protocols, food, “swag bags” and more. 

With institutions and individuals calling on the NCAA to rectify the inequities displayed at their premier championship event, we wanted to give a platform to those voices, address the larger issues and talk to someone who can help us understand the context and what we can do to prevent this in the future. 

Megan Young’s entire life purpose is about facilitating meaningful connection, and she’s used the arena of strength and conditioning as a vessel to carry out that mission having worked in collegiate and professional settings over the course of 14 years. 

She’s also a survivor.

Diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in 2015- Meg is no stranger to overcoming various forms of struggle. Her relentlessness for education, performance and equality is bookmarked by dual masters degrees (one in exercise physiology, another in information systems and data science) as well as a PHDC in adult education.

Put simply, Meg has an astute understanding of both the complex and the complicated- both of which serve as home and hearth of the matter we discuss today.

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