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Sometimes this podcast is a place to learn tactics and strategies and other times it’s a place to share hard, honest truths.

Recently, a conversation with a friend about the fleeting nature of fatherhood sparked an examination of my priorities and time. As a result I wrote a deeply personal piece about a few things I’ve reflected upon and perhaps even (re)learned over the past year. Some of this I’ve spoken about before- yet it still resonates, now more than ever.

On today’s episode I’ll expand on those initial thoughts and what led to writing my recent newsletter. If you haven’t read the original piece and want to, make sure you’re subscribed by clicking here. I’m not a big email guy so I promise I won’t blow up your inbox- I only send a couple a month and they are typically raw and honest like this.

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If you’re just looking for the cliffnotes version of this episode, here are the lessons I share:

  1. The Stories You Tell Yourself Will Absolutely Steer Your Life 
  2. It’s Your Responsibility to Make It Stick 
  3. Winners Suffer Longer.
  4. The Answer Is Always “No” If You Don’t Ask 
  5. Clear Goals Are NOT The Only Way to Get What You Want

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