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*Cue late night FM DJ Voice* 

On today’s show we are joined by radio host and broadcasting legend Johnjay Van Es for a conversation where nothing is off-limits. We discuss the magic of radio or what he calls “theater of the mind”, driving Wayne Gretzky around as an intern, navigating cancel culture as a public figure and father, his 3:45 AM wake up call and other “strange rituals.” 

We also cover:

  • The danger of Hollywood “cure alls” and one-size fits all leadership models
  • Exploring creativity and affordances as a parent and coach 
  • Why he doesn’t like interviewing celebrities
  • Choosing what to share on air- where do you draw the line?

It’s refreshing to talk to people who candidly share their successes and failures but even more so when they are highly skilled in the art of conversation. Johnjay is the host of the nationally syndicated Johnjay and Rich Radio Show and 2018 inductee into the Arizona Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame. When he’s not covering pop culture, news, music, celebrities and everything in between, he’s the founder of #LovePup Dog Rescue and #LoveUp Foundation. 

Connect with Johnjay: 

Via Instagram: @johnjayvanes or @lovepupfoundation

Via Twitter: @johnjayvanes

Via his website:

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