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In our industry, those who have a large brand, social media presence or product (regardless of value or purpose) are often met with critiques, sneers, and snide remarks like “what a sellout”…

It’s difficult to put yourself out there when surrounded by a profession that has long told you the secret to success is to put your head down and work harder but no one will hear your message or benefit from your product if you don’t share it with them… So how do you stand out without selling out?

In today’s episode, you’ll hear from two people who have managed to stay true to their message, provide real and useful content and get it to their community without resorting to gimmicks or sleazy sales tactics. 

Dennis and Kelsey Heenan are Co-Founders of the fitness company HIITBURN and have worked with thousands of people across the world through their workout app and programs. Dennis specializes in email marketing, Facebook advertising, and copy writing for his businesses and as a consultant. Kelsey is a certified trainer and nutrition coach. Her personal brand, The Daily Kelsey focuses on helping people improve their relationship with food and their bodies. Along with being business partners, Dennis and Kelsey have also been married for over a decade.

In today’s episode we cover: 

  • How to cater your message to a specific audience
  • Leveraging hardship into a tool for clarifying your purpose
  • Copywriting and funnel building 101 
  • How even the most social media averse can scale their message
  • Working with your spouse – how does that work?!

Connect with Dennis and Kelsey:


Via Instagram: @hiitburn, @thedailykelsey, @denheen

If you’re looking to clarify your message, find your unique audience, and market in a way that doesn’t feel schemey or salesy, check out OUR online toolkit, BLINDSPOT™!

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