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If we were to question all commonly accepted leadership practices and qualities, which would hold up and which would break down?

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Today’s episode is a perfect example of investigating the messy reality of leadership at top organizations. Andrew Hauser the Director of Performance Rehab with the (World Champion) Los Angeles Dodgers. He’s been in a variety of roles in the performance realm, most recently as the Director of Player Health & Performance for the Atlanta Braves.

 On today’s show we discuss:

  • Benefits of detachment and other dark sided traits in leadership
  • The need for “contextual inventory” & how to provide feedback in context
  • Andrew’s best practices for “Day One” in a new organization
  • Situations in which leaders shouldn’t be listeners
  • A different model of mentorship*

Connect with Andrew:

Via email:

Via Instagram: @andrew_hauser_atsc

Via Twitter: @_ahauser

Via LinkedIn: Andrew Hauser

Other Resources: 

  • Our “What Drives You” quiz will give you a glimpse into the underlying motivations of the people you work with – a cheat sheet for human behavior!

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