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On today’s episode you’ll learn how to catch a 4,000 lb great white shark. 

But if that’s what you take from this episode, you missed the point. 

On the surface (pun intended), today’s conversation might seem drastically different from ones we typically have on this show. But if you look deeper you’ll see the overwhelming number of similarities between the work of Chris Fischer, OCEARCH and what we do with communication, leadership and coaching. 

A full-time explorer, Chris Fischer has a special gift of seeing the “big picture,” creating solutions around that picture, and communicating that picture in an accessible way to others. Chris has led 39 global expeditions focused on accelerating the ocean’s return to balance and abundance, by unlocking the life history puzzle of white sharks and other keystone species through expeditions aboard the OCEARCH. 

His approach completely disrupts the research and policy process by making data collection and distribution collaborative, inclusive and open-sourced. This data-centric approach has inspired global ocean environmental protection policies, with Chris working alongside Presidents of several countries, including the U.S.

We discuss: 

  1. How to productively disrupt a well established industry 
  2. Navigating learned helplessness in sharks and people
  3. Using storytelling to ethically sell your mission 
  4. Why communication is to coaching as oceans are to sharks 

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One thing while you’re still here… Chris and I talk extensively about the lack of effective communication in highly technical and science-driven fields. If you find yourself in one of these environments and want to practice better storytelling/communication so you can connect the people you serve to the work you do, let us help! 

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