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When done well storytelling can access a primal level of human psychology. 

With complex characters, varied settings, unique conflicts and resolution, storytelling is “manipulation for good” teaching us lessons, growth and a better way to live.

Coaching is in many ways, storytelling. 

Today on the show I’m joined by someone who studies storytelling professionally. Michael Tucker (filmmaker and writer), is the creator of the film analysis YouTube channel, Lessons from the Screenplay, host of the podcast Beyond the Screenplay, and creator of a new video series examining storytelling in video games called “Story Mode.” 

Michael is incredibly skilled at making complex concepts immediately accessible. When analyzed at a deeper level, he shows us that quality storytelling is nothing more than truth; it helps us understand themes, relate to struggle and move to change. 

On today’s show we discuss:

  • The overlap between coaching and screenplay 
  • Lessons from The Dark Knight, Inside Out, Arrival and Collateral 
  • What to do when it’s raining on set – why creativity requires constraints 
  • Discovering your inner demon or “ghost”
  • Staying true to the craft while developing a brand

Connect with Michael:

Via YouTube:

Via Podcast: Beyond the Screenplay

Via Twitter: @michaeltuckerla

Michael’s communication is understated, but his impact and following are not. If you’re interested in understanding how he’s managed to grow his brand without “selling out”, join me for a free online workshop. Details below! 

Clarity Workshop

Thursday, February 4th, 2021 at 11 AM EST

What we’re talking about:

  • Speak to your brand without coming off as “salesy”
  • Define your niche and your competitive advantage
  • Engage with your intended audience
  • Grow visibility and impact without relying on social media


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