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“I want to put something out there to help more people but I lack the confidence, knowledge or experience to do so.”

Sound familiar? I’ve heard these words reverberate in my own head and from the people in our community for a long time.

But that statement above – it’s not true. In fact, it’s a lie. And it’s one of many our mind makes up to trick us and hold us back from providing value to those who need us most.

In part II of this series (make sure to go back and listen to the last episode, part I, if you haven’t already), I’m going to talk about the 5 lies we tell ourselves when we start putting ourselves and our work out there. 

Make no mistake, these fallacies are blind spots. But it’s one thing to recognize them, it’s another to tackle them. Let’s do that together – head to so we can get started.

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