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Welcome to the final episode of 2020. We saved the best for last. 

Burnt out from online webinars, Zoom meetings, and long-winded technical presentations? We are too. That’s why we cut the fluff and created something brand new.

Introducing the inaugural (and virtual)… 

Art of Coaching Communication and Leadership Strategy Summit!

On March 20, 2021, hear top leaders from a range of professions share tactics and strategies for navigating communication challenges in our new normal. After all, the future belongs to those who learn diverse skills and combine them in creative ways.  

Speaking of leaders at the top of their field… today we are joined by none other than pro beach volleyball legend, NY Times bestselling author, mother, model, coach, entrepreneur (Creator of HIGHX® / Co-Founder of XPT®) and Nike’s first ever female spokesperson, Gabby Reece. 

Having navigated the highest levels of sport, business, modeling and motherhood, Gabby is uniquely qualified to offer us real and actionable tools of the trade. Through her concision, efficiency and clarity, we learn why less is more and how to eliminate white noise. 

We also discuss: 

  • Knowing your limit and how to walk away
  • Common traits of Gabby’s best/favorite coaches 
  • Training concision and efficiency in communication
  • How to “gain power by giving power”

Connect with Gabby:

Via her podcast: The Gabby Reece Show

Via her website:

Via Instagram: @gabbyreece 

And while you’re still here… we are going to be releasing a brand new resource VERY SOON. 

This is for the person who wants to have a greater impact but isn’t quite sure how or where to start. If you have the urge to provide more value and help more people, this toolkit will help you identify what you’re best at, who needs it, and how to get it to them. 

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