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Now for today’s episode:

“Those who burn the brightest amongst us are the most susceptible to having their flame put out…” 

When I was 28, I woke up one morning and didn’t want to go to work. Confused and frustrated, I couldn’t figure out why. I still loved coaching but the days, routine and process had become tedious.

As it turns out, I was dealing with burnout.

Misunderstood and misinterpreted, the term “burnout” might be thrown around casually or referred to as “pop psychology”, but there are 50+ years of research detailing this psychological syndrome and how it afflicts the most dedicated among us.

Whether or not you’ve dealt with burnout (or overwhelm), my hope is that today’s episode helps you identify, deal with and eventually eradicate it.

We’ll dive deep into the research, covering:

  1. Causes and predictors (The Succumbing 6)
  2. Signs and manifestations (emotional, physical and work related)
  3. Solutions and remedies (FIRE model)
  4. The importance of “fit” between employer and employee

If you want to dive deeper on all things burnout or have access to the resources mentioned in today’s episode (like the workplace RPE or FIRE assessment), be sure to check out our course VALUED. I created this resource to help professionals of all kinds create career viability and longevity.

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