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What would you say or do if you only had 3 seconds to grab someone’s attention? In other words, what’s your Hook Point?

These days, attention is a form of currency.  And with the number of stimuli fighting for this attention, one needs to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Without it, it won’t matter if you provide something of value – no one will hear you. Luckily, today’s guest can teach us how to do this in an authentic, non-”salesy” way.

Brendan Kane is an outside of the box thinker, speaker and author who empowers brands to scale by helping them stand out and beat competition in crowded and oversaturated markets. He is the author of the international best-selling book One Million Followers and the newly released Hook Point: How To Stand Out In A 3 Second World, as well as the founder and CEO of the Hook Point agency. Brendan has worked with hundreds of individuals and brands providing business and digital strategy for more than 15 years, including MTV, Taylor Swift, Rhianna and many others.

Today we talk about:

  • Crafting your hook point without being cheesy or “salesy”

  • Social media and personal branding 101

  • The secret to authentically reaching more people with your content

  • Why you should get rid of your slide deck and listen

Connect with Brendan

Via his book:

Via Instagram: @brendankane

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In this episode you’ll hear Brendan discuss the importance of listening and asking great questions. Check out my latest blog for a breakdown on the 5 types of listening that every leader must learn.

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