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Building and growing a company is no easy feat, not to mention trying to do so with a remote team. How do you ensure you’re hiring the right people? What can you do to keep everyone on the same page? Our guest today is uniquely qualified to answer these questions and more.

Jonathan Goodman is the founder of the Personal Trainer Development Center and Online Trainer Academy Certification. He’s authored 11 books and lived in ten countries. His new podcast Online Trainer Show is part comedy, part education and you can listen on iTunes, Spotify, or YouTube.

Even if you don’t run your own company, you’re sure to get something out of Jonathan’s description of Jobs to Be Done. We uncover why clarifying how your customers/clients really use your product/service can completely redefine how you approach your job. And, don’t miss Jonathan’s very unique way of screening interview candidates – you just might get a few ideas…

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One final note… whether you’re looking for a tool to understand if a candidate will be a good fit for your company, or you just want to discover what makes your team tick, check out our new DRIVES QUIZ!  This short assessment can lead to better understanding, awareness and buy-in from all parties.

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