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“Leaders are lifelong learners” is a statement that resonates with many of us who are on a journey to continually redefine ourselves. There are few people who exemplify this more than today’s guest, Quentin Pullen. 

After serving in both the Marines and the Navy, working as a manual therapist for 25 years, and starting a small business, Quentin is running for mayor Costa Mesa, California! Quentin shares the keys that have allowed him to adapt to many different environments and situations throughout his life. 

And, yes, we talk politics in this episode but it’s NOT what you think! Rather than political parties, we discuss what politics means in terms of overcoming obstacles in your community, how to gracefully deal with stigma & bias, and the conversations we should be having.

Other topics we get into include:

  • How engaging with your community is the key to building trust and standing out
  • Keeping your cool when being marginalized or personally insulted
  • Overcoming Imposter Phenomenon when stepping into new arenas
  • Why coaches are actually the most qualified to crossover into other professions
  • How to build a team of people that will spur continued growth

Where you can follow and connect with Quentin:


Instagram: @q_the_people

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