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Until you stop caring what people think, you’ll never be free. Luckily, John Bartolo reached that point a long time ago. So buckle your seatbelt and let’s dive headfirst into some controversial topics. Even if you disagree with John, I challenge you to stick around because he’s an expert conversationalist and as authentic as they get. Who knows, he might just change your mind…

What kind of controversial topics? Glad you asked. We discuss:

  • Cancel culture vs. “Karen” culture

  • Situational narcissism as a prerequisite for leadership

  • The argument for verifying every social media account

  • Guns, germs and steel

John is a defense industry executive and former CEO. He has spent a career training and working with the best in the fields of fitness, shooting and defensive tactics. He is also the host of “The John Bartolo Show” podcast which has featured countless well-known guests from the fields of fitness, politics, MMA and action sports. Today, John focuses on consulting with many different brands on a wide range of topics.

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