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On this podcast, we don’t shy away from controversial topics and we love interviewing people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. In this episode, University of Texas strength & conditioning coach Clint Martin shares how he battles the perpetuation of stereotypes and how non-minority populations can better understand the role that race plays in the modern workplace.

We also discuss:

  • How to walk the line between allowing individual expression while holding standards

  • If coaches should alter their communication style based on an athlete’s background

  • What coaches should be doing to provide uncommon value during & after COVID

  • Mistakes to avoid when trying to gain an edge in your career

  • What you can learn from non-traditional sources of education

Clint also does a great job thinking on his feet for improv games, Devil’s Advocate, and providing thoughtful answers for who his favorite villains are (that’s right- he has more than one!). He has a ton of gold nuggets to share and there’s no doubt you will learn a lot in this episode!

Connect with Clint:


Twitter: @MrCMar10

Instagram: clintmar10

Throughout this episode, we talk a lot about building buy-in. If you read Conscious Coaching and want to dive deeper into the principles of building buy-in, we have an online course called Bought-In which does just that.

This course is NOT just for strength coaches. Whether you’re an executive, manager, researcher, student, or parent, the principles of communication are the same! If you want to communicate more clearly, improve your relationships, and be a more effective leader, check out Bought-In!

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